We’re now at the beginning of our ambitious plan to educate 50,000 women and young girls over the next five years.  We’re both excited and ready to put the work in to achieve this fantastic goal.  The need is there and we’re determined that we’ll succeed.

Our first courses are on the Kajabi platform and in our Zoom lecture theatre, as we believe that giving students access to their tutors is important.  

We’ll be inviting guest speakers from every important sphere of life and work to share their insights with those who sign up for our training.  We’ll develop courses for everyone, whether preparing for work, already in work, or looking to start or grow their own business.

As we add individuals to our faculty, their details and background will appear on this page.  To begin with, we’d like to introduce two people who have taken the lead on this venture.

Gulnaz Brennan

Gulnaz has been the force behind the She Inspires movement for over a decade. Born in India but living in the UK, Gulnaz has been a teacher, a journalist and an advocate of creative arts to empower both individuals and communities.

To say that Gulnaz has inspired a generation is to understate her influence. She Inspires Awards mobilise thousands of people every year, now from all over the world. We hear about those who have overcome personal tragedies who then spend all of their time and energy helping others. More than once Gulnaz has spoken to finalists through our judging sessions who have just received a terminal prognosis and yet all they can talk about is the people they still need to help and support.

Gulnaz has opened the door of female empowerment that thousands have already stepped though. There will be no limit to the numbers that will follow.

Gulnaz is the author of ‘100 Women 100 Stories’ published to commemorate the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote in the UK. She also published ‘The 22’ to celebrate the successes of 22 female leaders and 22 ’rising stars’ in 2022.

Whilst these books reflect the journalist in Gulnaz, they are just as important for recognising her mission to find and celebrate the greatness in women and girls all over the world. She believes that nothing is beyond their capabilities and will not tolerate that barriers are ever put in their way.

Ray Hanks

Though born in England, Ray comes from a family of immigrants. His father and sister were born in Burma, his mother in Indonesia and his two brothers in India.  Both his grandmothers were Burmese, one grandfather was Australian and the other American.  This rather mixed heritage is marked by some surprising ancestors.  They include, on his mother’s side, the first Chief Justice of New South Wales, Sir Francis Forbes who established legal precedents that remain in place today.

On his father’s side, Ray is the fifth cousin twice removed of a rather famous US President who issued the Emancipation Proclamation, Abraham Lincoln.  His mother was Nancy Hanks.

Together with his brother Geoff, who went on to become the first Professor of Palliative Medicine in Europe, Ray and he were the only boys of colour in their old established London Grammar school – the former Grocer’s Company School.

Ray reached high office in the commercial world but opted to help others succeed in their business ventures.  A life of advice and coaching has never stopped, bringing awards for both himself and those he advised.  He was privileged to meet her late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh; once in Buckingham Palace and once where he now lives in Manchester – both to do with his work.

Ray has known Gulnaz for many years and regards it as a privilege to be able to work alongside her.